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Profits Paradise is an investment management company that deals in multiple financial sectors.
Whether you are an individual or a group, with small, medium or large investment budgets, we have something just for you.

"GREAT NEWS! Due to the high profits generated by our financial experts, the management has decided to allow 50% deposit currency transfer from LR to PM or Egopay for all members. The currency exchange will be updated in 1 week in your accounts. Please update your PM and Egopay account details in your accounts."

Profits Paradise is an investment management company that deals in multiple financial sectors.  The current economic instability in the world makes it imperative to look for stable sources of  income that provide guaranteed profits on your investment. Here's where we come in.

It is a known fact that massive profits require massive investment capital which is out of the  reach of the average small investor. Not anymore. We at Profits Paradise allow investors to join  in with small amounts which are pooled together to make huge profits in forex, stocks and  commodity trading. Whether you are an individual or a group, with small, medium or large  investment budgets,  we have something just for you.

Our dedicated staff works round the clock to tap the best financial deals across the globe.  Your money is handled by a team of qualified professionals with several years of experience in  investment portfolio management. Our unique trading strategy, extensive market research, and  industry know- how guarantee profits with minimal risk so that you can relax and reap the  benefits of our financial expertise.

To become world's most prominent investment management company, helping customers accomplish their investment objectives.

To setup an excellent system which offers superior investment management services with unparalleled trust, commitment and service.

Profits Paradise offers the following three investment plans.

Each plan has a term of 120 business days.

Profits are returned daily to your ProfitsParadise account.

How can I earn profits with you?

Profits Paradise offer 3 lucrative plans that offer fixed returns daily. All you need to do is sign up with us here by providing the details asked for, and make deposits to start earning.

What payment processors do you accept?

We accept Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money,and Egopay for our transactions.

I do not have an account with any payment processor. How do I enroll with you?

Opening an account with any of the four payment processors is a simple and easy process. Please click on your preferred processor to open on account and follow the instructions provided to fund them. Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Egopay.

What are your minimum and maximum deposit limits?

You can start with a minimum of $10. There is no maximum limit.

What are your minimum and maximum withdrawal limits?

Minimum withdrawal is $5. Maximum withdrawal is $400 per day.

Do you charge a withdrawal fee?

No, we do not charge any withdrawal fee. You get 100% of the amount you place a withdrawal request for.

Can I earn without funding my Profits Paradise account?

Yes, you can earn handsome commissions through our Affiliate Partnership program without funding your account. Successful partners can expect extra bonuses from the management based on their marketing skills.

Where can I find my referral link?

Your referral link and other marketing aids can be found in the "Referral Tools" section.

How can I get more affiliates?

We encourage you to use your referral link and promotional banners on social media, blogs, forums and email to share it with interested parties. We do not encourage spam at all.

Can I have more than 1 account?

No, each individual is allowed only 1 account. Anyone found having multiple accounts may get their account suspended and lose all funds.

How can you guarantee fixed returns? What are the risks involved?

Like any other investment option we are not totally immune to market losses, but our expertise in investment portfolio management over several years allows us to manage risk effectively. Our traders tap financial market trends and signals with stringent analysis and portfolio diversification spread over forex, stocks, and commodity trading to ensure handsome profits for our customers.

How safe is my account data?

Profit Paradise is very serious about account security and takes all necessary precautions to protect your account information with the latest data encryption and DDOS protection technology.

Do you pay on 7 days a week?

No, we pay investment returns on business days only.

How long does it take for my withdrawal to get processed?

Your withdrawals are processed within 48 hours on business days.

Can I invest using one payment processor and withdraw using another processor?

No, withdrawals are processed in the same payment processor that was used to make the deposit.

Do you have compounding?

Yes, you can compound your deposits in multiples of 10%.

How do I fund my account?

Sign into your account. Go to "Make Deposit", type the amount you wish to deposit, select payment processor, select rate of compounding, click on submit. On confirmation, you will be taken to the payment processor of your choice. Fund your account.

How do I withdraw funds?

Sign into your account. Go to "Withdraw Funds", type the amount you wish to withdraw, select payment processor, and click submit. You will receive the amount within 48 hours. Please do not raise a support ticket during this period.

How do I contact you for any questions that are not answered here?

Sign into your account. Go to "Contact Us", type the subject, select category, type your message in English, and click submit. The support staff will contact you within 48 hours.

Can different family members use the same payment processor and IP address?

No, each family member should have a separate account with a separate payment processor. Email Support regarding different family members before funding to get approval of IP address.

Is the principle returned after 120 days?

The principle amount is included in your daily returns.


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